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The island, suddenly teetering on the edge of globalization, is one of the most interesting but least-documented places in modern history; we’ll provide in-depth reporting which brings this place to light.

Independent Funding

Interested in rare stamps, or in a project which provides unique, independent news in a time when journalism is struggling?

Six Months a Saint is run by Emma Weaver, with team member Sarah Pitts. The project is entirely funded by independent donations.

We offer donation rewards in appreciation of our donor’s support.

Hiker's Paradise

St. Helena has 22 Post Box walks - few hikes like these exist on earth. We’ll record our hikes, which show the diversity of the island’s environment, as we reach all the post boxes. We will begin with the easiest walks and work our way up the the hardest.

I of the Island

Who’s the most remote ‘superhero’ on earth? What’s it like to be one of two people who monitor an endangered species of bird? How do you play the bones? In ‘I of the Island,’ we let some of the island’s most interesting personalities speak for themselves through video, transcripts and photos.