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10 Things I'll Miss Most About St Helena

17 July, 2017 Written by Sarah Pitts
I came to St. Helena with a project called Six Months A Saint to document the unique achievements and challenges of the island as it is going through a time of rapid change...

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10 Things I Didn’t Expect About St Helena

11 July, 2017 Written by Sarah Pitts
The best way I can describe St. Helena is that it’s like a parallel world. Things work differently here - and they have to, because there is no where else on Earth quite like this...

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Secret of the South Atlantic

01 March, 2017 Written by Emma Weaver
St. Helena Island is like the woman I strive to be. She’s stoic and intimidating on the outside…But beautiful, wondrous and diverse on the inside. Today marks one month and one day since Sarah and I arrived on the island...

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From Oklahoma To The Ocean: 10 Days Of Travel

20 January, 2017 Written by Emma Weaver
“This is worse than Afghanistan,” Emmy-winner Mike Boettcher told me Thursday as he helped me pack the last of my equipment. I left Oklahoma City yesterday morning, headed for St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean: One of the most isolated places on earth...

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One Week to Departure

12 January, 2017 Written by Sarah Pitts
DENVER, Colo. — There is exactly one week left until the project Six Months A Saint officially begins and we jet off towards Cape Town. From there, it’s only a five day ship to our destination: Saint Helena...