This project is completely independently funded. We have raised $4,770 through our PayPal so far. Future donations will help us with things like equipment maitenence, so we can produce the best journalism possible. Check out our budget and expenses.


Jumping straight out of university and starting our own self-funded project was challenging and risky; but we see value in unique, independent journalism rather than journalism which is ad-driven and redundant.

Six Months a Saint is run by Emma Weaver, with team member Sarah Pitts. The project is entirely funded by independent donations.

St. Helena is one of the last places on earth where a lack of thorough journalism is apparent and vital. International outlets rarely cover the island, and on-island media often does not provide sufficient coverage for its people.

Our story choices are based on what we, Saint Helenians and our funders want to see - and on the undiscussed issues which need bringing to light in order for change to be sparked. You won’t see these stories anywhere else.

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$25 or more: Original Postcard and Stamp
  • We will send you a unique postcard from St. Helena, mailed with it's original stamp. We will include a handwritten thank you note from the island. Remember: this is snail mail from one of the most remote places in the world, so it could take some time.
$100 or more: Sponsor Status
  • Your name will be an official sponsor to this project on our website and in the credits of the documentary.
$500 or more: The Whole Package
  • Receive a project package, with a hard-copy compilation of all of our work done before, during and after our six months on St. Helena! You will also receive all of the other rewards.

(we will still honor original Kickstarter rewards for donations made before December 2016, Not to worry! only minor changes have been made.)