Human Rights Commission Officer Lucia Plato holding a freshly printed postcard. Photo by Jeremy Johns

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Human Rights Launches Campaign for Plato Children
June 06, 2017 Written by Emma Weaver

Monday, the St Helena Human Rights Commission launched a campaign to help return two St Helenian children to their mother.

Human Rights Commission Officer Lucia Plato’s sister, Lacy, lives in the UK.

“We are launching a campaign to help Lacy Plato,” said Human Rights Commission CEO Catherine Turner. “[She] a few years ago was married to a chap from Oman, then their relationship broke down; he took the children without her permission to Oman, to his family, and Lacy has never seen the children since.”

Lacy took the issue to the British court system; though the highest courts ordered the children, Faris (now age eight) and Aishah (now age 12), should be returned to their mother, the children remain overseas.

“There is no agreement with Oman about what happens with children,” Turner said. “They can’t force the government of Oman to return the children, so they’re still there and their father have severed time in prison for contempt of court (in the UK) but he’s still refusing to return the children.”

Lacy has now asked all friends and family to send postcards to the British Embassy in Oman to help get her children back.

Since the children are St Helenian, the Human Rights Commission decided to launch an island-wide campaign to help with the effort.

Since Tuesday morning, postcards to send to the embassy have been available in the Human Rights Office. The Human Rights Commission has paid for the printing of the cards, and will be paying to have them shipped to the British Embassy in Oman when the RMS returns from Cape Town June 18.

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